The self-sealing filter of a Total Defense tip provides the utmost confidence when pipetting with critical applications. Seals on contact, eliminating any threat of sample contamination. Ideal for PCR, genetic research, sequencing, working with infectious and radioisotope samples BioPointe Total Defense tips seal on contact eliminating any threat of sample contamination. Other tips allow leakage causing the threat of sample contamination

Low Binding

Our low-binding technology creates an ultra-hydrophobic surface, preventing liquid retention and ensuring maximum sample retrieval. Our low-binding process is implemented pre-production and does not use coatings that could lead to sample contamination. BioPointe Total Defense tips leave no residue after dispensing the sample. Other competitor tips leave residue on the inner sidewall after dispensing sample.

Precise Pointe

Developed to achieve exact pipetting, all of BioPointe’s tips feature our innovative, Precise Pointe technology. The thin-wall design uses a minimal amount of plastic resulting in the lowest possible surface tension. With an ultra-fine tip, the Precise Pointe allows you to access the bottom of a vessel with accuracy, and ensures total retrieval of your sample.

Super Seal

BioPointe Scientific uses the highest quality plastics and best manufacturing practices to consistently produce a superior product. With its thin-wall design, the Super Seal achieves a great fit and more accurate aliquots during research. The soft, flexible material makes our tips easy to insert and eject, thus reducing the risk of repetitive work disorders. There is simply no comparison to the Super Seal of a BioPointe tip.