Finally, a bulk bag that is easy to use. All of our bulk products come in a one-of-a-kind, free-standing bag. This feature prevents the chance of tips spilling onto your bench top which eliminates waste and contamination. Additionally, our bulk bag features a slider seal, allowing you to effortlessly open and close the bag even with your gloves on. Constructed from double-thick plastic, our tips will never pierce through the bag.


Molded from FDA approved, autoclavable materials, our fully recyclable racks are both versatile and functional. Developed with strength and flatness in mind, our rack trays will remain stable on the bench-top, and won’t shift or rock while conducting your research. The 96-well, fast-snap insert features exact-hole alignment making it ideal for precise multichannel pipetting. A snap-lock clasp keeps the lid securely fastened, allows for one-handed operation, and serves as a vent during autoclaving. BioPointe racks are fully compatible with our reload system and are individually numbered for product traceability.


BioPointe Scientific utilizes the process of electron-beam sterilization, which delivers a precise dosage of high energy electrons that pass through the packaging, and sterilize the product. This method, in contrast to gamma sterilization, does not alter the color or imbrittle the plastic. This means that the performance of our sterile products is not weakened by the sterilization process. We operate our facility in strict accordance with the best laboratory practices for gowning and material handling. In addition, random product samples are tested and certified to be free of nucleic acids, RNase, DNase and pyrogens.

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Reload System

Our reload system is designed to be easy to use. Without a system that is easy to use the benefits of space saving and cost reduction just don’t seem justified.

With 2 stacks of 5 trays we will find a maneageable product that will save your lab money and minimize the use of plastic in your lab. We offer a great product that you will feel good about using in your lab.