Who We Are

BioPointe Scientific Pipette Tips are sold in the Netherlands by Nutacon

Nutacon is a trading company supplying laboratory products since 1973 and stands for high quality and excellent service.

Recently we obtained the distributorship of Biopointe Scientific LLC, maker of the highest available quality pipette tips on the market at remarkable prices.
Well-known brands we represent in the Netherlands are:

Bellco Glass, Inc.

Glassware for biotechnology, shakers and stirrers

Cel-Line/Erie Sc.

Printed Microscope Slides


The main company


Aluminium Sample Storage racks for all brands of freezers and liquid nitrogen vessels on the market including cardboard boxes for storing samples.

Why Choose Us

At BioPointe Scientific, we are committed to supplying our customers with products that meet the highest quality standards.
We do this by constantly monitoring and improving our manufacturing process from start to finish. Our stringent quality control procedures are second to none.
Our processes ensure our customers will receive a product that will be consistent in reliability and quality.
We stand behind our products, and will continuously look at ways to improve our business, to provide you, our customer, with the finest laboratory products in the industry

Pipette Tips

Total Defense

This ultra-premium line of pipette tips combines several advanced features to produce the ultimate in sample protection, sample retrieval, and contamination prevention.

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Filter Tips

Essential for PCR and other critical applications, BioPointe Scientific's comprehensive line of filtered pipette tips is the professional's choice for eliminating carry-over contamination.

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10 µl Tips

Our 10µl tip utilizes PrecisePointe technology, resulting in less surface tension for more accurate pipetting. Our thin-wall design offers a great fit and a perfect seal every time. Reference Lines: 2µl, 10µl

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10 µl Extended

Our Extended tip allows you to get to the bottom of a 1.5 ml centrifuge tube without the risk of your pipettor inadvertently coming into contact with the inside of your tube. This is a simple but effective way to prevent carry-over contamination. Reference Lines: 2µl, 10µl

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20 µl Crystal

This pipette tip is specifically designed to fit Eppendorf style pipettors. This is the only Crystal tip featuring Precise Pointee technology. Reference Lines: None

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200 µl

Developed with the most advanced technology available, this tip sets a new standard of excellence in the industry. It features our Precise Pointee design and ultra-thin wall. Our ergonomic design makes this tip perfect for your every day pipetting needs. Reference Lines: 20µl, 100µl

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300 µl

Developed specifically for multi-channel use, this graduated tip features discrete liquid level lines that make it easy to aliquot precisely and accurately. Reference Lines: 20µl, 50µl, 100µl, 200µl

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1000-1250 µl

Our 1250µl Extended tip is a necessity for every lab. Featuring a slim profile and thin-wall design, this is the easiest-fitting tip you will ever use. Our Precise Pointee technology guarantees an accurate and precise aliquot with every use. Reference Lines: 100µl, 500µl, 1000µl

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